My Day in Hiroshima

My Day in Hiroshima

DSC06026Eleven weeks ago today I stood in the very spot that the first (and god willing the last) A-bomb was dropped, killing 70,000 people instantly with numbers rising to 200,000 in subsequent days. During my trip in Japan I didn’t really know what I was going to find in Hiroshima. Today marked the 70th anniversary of that fateful day and I can’t begin to describe how much this place moved me having visited it and seen it with my own eyes.

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You might expect that it would be a miserable, grey city, shrouded in the sadness of a horrific event that ultimately ended world war 2. In complete contrast to the horror of war, Hiroshima is now dedicated to creating a beautiful and most importantly a peaceful place to be. One that will remind all those who visit to understand that war brings nothing but devastation and loss. It’s now a stunningly vibrant and exciting city, complete with beautiful champagne bars I might add. And to think – they thought nothing would even grow here for at least 50 years after the bomb.


We went to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and the Museum which are packed full of stories that will bring you to tears. Still, the message remains clear – that humanity should never see such an act of evil again and in total defiance of such a tragedy – this city has thrived as the ultimate message of hope. If you ever go to Japan I encourage you to visit Hiroshima. It will surprise you, sadden you, but most of all inspire you.

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