My Holiday Gift Guide…..

The ultimate gift giving season is fast approaching. If you’ve already done your Christmas shopping – you may stop reading, pat yourself on the back and go make yourself a cup of tea gurl. You are on it. If you’re more of a; rush out on Christmas eve to grab and steal whatever you can… you may just love my gift guide, because I have created a board of my top holiday gift’s to take the stress out of shopping. The best part is you can order all these gifts online, in your PJ’s. Wonderful. I’ve picked out some of my favorite gifts I’ve seen floating around. Pretty sure I’ve covered most bases here. I absolutely love Christmas present buying, it’s such a rush to buy gifts for other people. Unless they don’t like them. In which case, you whip it back and remember the moral of the story is: always buy something you would like yourself! Just Kidding!

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