My travel make-up bag

My travel make-up bag

Hello Lovelies! I am at this very moment sitting in a very trendy hotel in the lower East side, in Manhattan, New York. Love! Which brings me on to the not so fabulous part – packing to come on said trip.

I’m not embarrassed to admit I am the worst at packing. Even when I’m sure I haven’t over packed, I always infuriatingly have. I feel like they should give you more allowance dependent on where you’re going – Hawaii? OK, you’ll wear fewer clothes so you need less baggage allowance. I was 4 pounds over… removed a coat and one jumper, and then was dead on 50 pounds – hello?! A coat and a jumper weighing 4 pounds? I mean, that’s heavy stuff, and a girl has to have choices. Plus likes to be toasty warm. Not fair.

Whilst I try and be ruthless with clothes, the make-up bag however, lets the odd over packed eyeliner slip in. Last time I traveled my make-up alone weighed 1 kilo. I know, it is a little excessive. I won’t lie, this trip to NY also required an above normal amount of make-up and brushes.

Still, I think packing eyeshadow palettes is the way forward, as you have multiple day and evening choices. Winner. Here are a few pics, of my make-up bag for NY. It’s a lot, I realize this. That’s the first step to recovery I hear… lighter packing here I come! One day:)

Oh… and never ever forget tweezers and a sharpener. These are THE most annoying things to forget. Ever. They can be surprisingly difficult to find in foreign countries, not to mention expensive! Trust me, always have these words ringing in your head whilst packing… tweezers…sharpener….. You’ll thank me one day:)
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  1. Beatrice
    11 March, 2013 / 10:59 am

    Nice make up bag ; ) xx

    • 12 March, 2013 / 1:12 am

      Indeed! My bestie always has great style!:)