My wedding make-up!



I debated about whether to do a wedding make-up post or not. Namely because I wasn’t entirely happy with my make-up on my wedding day.  Let’s start at the beginning. I have been known to get super nervous, to the point of hands shaking, contact lens ejecting nervous. So, I  thought I would hire a make-up artist to do my make-up for the big day, but after the trial I realized, only I really knew what I wanted, and knew the products I liked, that worked for me. I am a trained make-up artist as well, so yeah, it was a little bit lazy to not do my make-up myself!

Problem was, my hair took a really long time, leaving me with about 20mins to do my make-up and get dressed. Yikes, that’s enough to break you into a sweat, right!? On top of that, for the majority of the wedding photos, I wasn’t able to do any kind of ‘touch ups,’ so I look a little disheveled in quite a few pics. On that note, I think it’s important to realize that when you get married, you probably aren’t going to LOVE every single picture. I love the pictures where I look truly happy, the caught in the moment fun pictures, that capture the excitement, and love, that happened that day. After all, the make-up, the hair, they’re just the details to the bigger, awesome picture. Marrying the person you love, and having a damn good time doing it!weddingmakeup

Before my wedding, I was working with the brand Cosmetic’s a’la Carte a lot, so the owner very kindly treated me to all my make-up. What a super awesome lady! I also had eyelash extensions done by Natalie, the lovely right hand lady, of super famous eye lash guru, Sue Marsh. As I was going to be in Greece, I knew I would be quite tanned, so I took a few little foundations in different shades that I could mix up on the day. All the make-up I used on the day was from Cosmetic’s a la Carte except for a waterproof mascara from Mac, and an anti-shine from Mac.

Cosmetics a’la carte also have incredible make-up lessons for brides, so If you’re in the London area you may want to check it out here.

Doing your own wedding make-up can be great  and save you a lot of money, but it is your wedding after all, so if you want to splash out on a professional make-up artist, go for it!

These are my top wedding make-up tips for DIY brides:

  • Leave yourself enough time, and make sure you’re organized!
  • Keep your wedding make-up separate from any other make-up.
  • Know what you’re going to do
  • Practice before the day
  • Do your make-up in the calmest environment possible – I know that one can be trick!

To all my brides to be; enjoy every minute of your day, it will be a surreal experience, but incredibly memorable to say the least! Believe me when I say, every bride is beautiful, and the more you laugh the more beautiful you’ll be. So, cackle away ladies!:)

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  • Kathy

    You look absolutely beautiful Anna! From the pictures, I cannot tell at all that you rushed through your makeup!

    • annarach

      Ah thank you SO much Kathy, that is very sweet!!

  • beatrice

    beaut xx

    • annarach

      Ah, thanks!!! xx