My week in pictures #10

Lovely readers, how are you all? Very well I hope. This week has been a whirlwind of birthday’s, outings and visitors. I’ve literally visited (under the pretense of being tour guide of course) pretty much every single place I’ve been wanting to check out in Tampa. Still need to see Winter the dolphin, and go to Hogan’s beach (that’s Hulk Hogan in case you’re wondering)  There’s a huge mural of the man himself adorning the wall – if that’s not worth an outing, I don’t know what is! A little blog update – Let’s chat Fashion Friday. So, what happened you may ask? Well, seeing as I have no resident photographer, and after a few attempts at lugging the tripod on to the balcony, trying not to let it plummet twelve floors, not to mention the failed photo shoot with mum as the photographer, it’s had to take a back seat for a little bit. I hope to bring it back soon though!

Have a wonderful week, computers hugs for everyone!

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