My week in pictures #12

So they say it takes about 6 months to get into a proper blogging routine..Oopsey I’m 8 months and counting. I hope you haven’t given up on me with the changing look, and somewhat sporadic blogging schedule. What can I say, I love it, but I’m also spontaneous, a perfectionist, and also a little jarred by routine, and…. I  also procrastinate. So that’s me.. plus there’s the obsessive compulsive reading of other blogs. Oh food blogs darn you, how you keep me transfixed – I’m looking at you Earth Sprout, and Green Kitchen Stories… not to mention the Beauty Blogs. Bottom Line is, I’m easily distracted, but if you are too, and you’ve found yourself here, thank you a million times! I appreciate everyone one of my dedicated followers, and those who are just stopping by.. you guys are super stars!!!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and a beautiful weekend… For the 12th time this yr.. here’s the week in pictures…


Left to right/ wonderful dinner at The Refinery Tampa/ Someone loves clean washing / checking out Beyonce bikinis at H&M/ bubbles, why not?! / Blissy / Paddy Wagon Irish Pub, best hang out in Tampa / loving Starbucks Lime Refresher / So hot it’s time for doggy Ice Lollies / Random frog just chillin’ on the street – normal.

App of the week: Beautylish

Currently Watching: Madmen season five – and Game of Thrones (of course)

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