My week in pictures #15

Happy Sunday Loves. I haven’t done a week in pictures for a wee bit, as June has been hectic with visitors, and travel.  After continuous nagging, and unrelenting promotion of the Dolphin Tale movie, I finally got to see winter the dolphin. It was magical:) My little two year old niece didn’t quite think so and kept saying “no like dolsin,” progressively getting louder in volume, as she got more passionate about her dislike. Obviously we had to have words. It’s all good now, she see’s the error of her ways.

I also went to Houston, and met a friend who I never imagined on our last meeting in Southampton UK, that the next time I would see her would be in Texas. It’s things like this that make me so happy, and actually lets me see how amazing things can happen in life, when you don’t plan them, and you least expect them. I thought I’d share my good vibes!

Then another niece came to see me, who is leaving tomorrow to study in Melbourne Australia. So if you meet her, buy her a beer:) She’s taking my backpack with her too, so I like to think I’m living vicariously through it… kinda like the sister hood of the traveling pants? Yep, this is getting weird now. So that’s what’s been going on with me. I hope you’ve all had an amazing week, and month of June for the matter. I am SO photo bombing them all now, so until they complain, they’re on the blog:)

Thank you for reading as always. I love you guys,  you’re superstars.

Apps of the week: Love the mini movie making fun from Vine. Check it. I’m also currently loving the app from the gals at A Beautiful Mess, such cute filters for photos. Check it out here.

Currently Reading: The Hunger Games Trilogy – so amazing, get them now. I literally can’t wait to see the movie when I’ve finished book 3, but I almost don’t want to finish. Sad or… yep sad.

Lusting after: Josie Maran Water color cheek Gelee. I need these in my life. Check them out here.

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