My week in pictures #16

My week in pictures for the 16th time y’all. Highlights of this week included being on a beach watching the incredible 4th of July fireworks. I have literally never seen anything like it. Imagine a beach post sunset, with tons of people all competing to set off as many fireworks as they possibly could, before it rained, or someone else out dazzled them. These fireworks were the insanely powerful kind, that I’m sure in the UK are only reserved for proper displays ( the kind you hand over cash for). I didn’t partake in lighting any explosives myself, as I do quite enjoy all 10 of my digits. Still, it was super fun to watch everyone elses efforts, and I do have quite the penchant for a sparkler or two! Later in the week I watched the Red Bull wake boarding competition, then to finish off the week, I did a yoga class in the park to the accompaniment of a live DJ. I am like, so chill right now:)


Blog of the week; This one’s a very healthy food blog, that I’m quite obsessed with. I seriously never thought I could enjoy a food blog this much. Elenore is so inspirational, her photos are always stunning, and her words are beautiful. Can you tell I like it? I often find myself re-reading her posts, and her epic love story with her now husband Fabian is the cutest. Check it out here.

You tube video of the week: Has got to be Tanya Burr’s 1 million subscribers video. The power of You Tube is incredible, and I found it so sweet and touching that she has influenced so many peoples lives in such a positive way. Watch it here.

Just for a laugh video: This drunk make-up tutorial is so funny! Check it out here.

On my wish list: The entire Aqualillies for Tarte Range. I absolutely must have these.. give em’ to me now!!:) Check them out here. PS. If you have any of this range, how is it? Tell me, tell me!!…. Seriously post me a comment if you’ve tried any of it!

Happy week ahead beautiful people!!

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