My week in pictures #17

Hello lovely people. My week for the 17th, and I literally can’t believe its pretty much mid July already! Somebody stop this year please, I want to get off! Most importantly I can not believe it is in the 30’s in the UK. Mad. It makes me a little jealous, not that it’s not hot here in Florida, but hot in London is something rather special, albeit something quite stifling, and intimate if you’re on the tube. Still, the happy people all happy it’s sunny (for once) with BBQ’s galore, sun worshipers in their itty bitty’s in the park, pub gardens overwhelmed with people… ah Summer. It’s the sort of “we never have this weather” feeling that is so unique. Hello? Is someone feeling a little homesick? Perhaps….Sending me some M&S extremely chocolaty biscuits could help, or I’ll settle for some vegetarian Percy Pigs – your call! Ha ha, don’t worry USA I still love you.

You may notice I got a little happy with the Beautiful Mess App and my pictures!

Currently Listening too: Robin Thick, “Blurred Lines” Ft Pharrell …… check it out here! Also lovin’ Jay z “Holy Grail” Ft Justin Timberlake …. check that one our here! Gotta mention classic girl crush Enrique’s latest offering Ft Sammy Adams check that out right about……. here! Does this man age?! Most importantly can someone tell me what products he uses!!??

Lusting over: This stunning powder from Chanel due to make its debut in August 2013, check it out here!
Have an amazing week… and no Speedo’s in the park please. I’ve seen the complaints on Facebook. Yep.

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