My week in pictures #18

Hello! My week for the 18th time, say what?! I know I said it last week, but really, please, someone tell me where the time is going, and can I purchase more please? Spoken like a true granny eh? Not much to report this week, but I am on book 3 of the Hunger Games (in case you were wondering) serious movie night scheduled for when I’m finished!  I hope you’ve all had a swell one:)


Lusting over: The Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow for perfectly contorting the cheeks. I admit it looks like a weird color but if you check out the Lip So Facto Blog here, you’ll get what I mean. Find Hollow here.

You Tube Video of the week: It’s got to be Tanya Burr’s speedy smokey eye make-up! Check it out here. How the girl does smokey eyes after applying foundation is remarkable, this clumsy gal looks on in admiration.

Must Read Blog Post: Home beauty remedies for frizzy haired gal’s like me. This may just make you, make peace with the summer humidity. Get me to the avocado’s and cider vinegar! For some at home beauty brewing check out the recipes here.


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