My week in pictures #19

I’ve been very much in to yoga as of late, and whilst I think it’s brilliant for your body, I also think it does wonderful things for your mind. I used to be a Bikram *ehm* babe, I type that with a huge smile on my face, ha! If you’ve ever done Bikram you’ll know that no one is a babe by the end of that sweaty 90mins, frankly I wasn’t at the beginning. The inability to wear make-up, combined with my impeccable ability to turn the shade of a beetroot, not to mention the bright lights – it was not ideal.

I’ve since dropped the torture, cos lets face it, hot sweaty room = unhappy Anna. Don’t let me put you off if you love Bikram yoga, I just find other types of yoga, now suits me better. My favorite part of doing more traditional yoga, is 1. feeling a bit like a gymnast (I wish) getting in to crazy poses 2. The amazing and inspiring things the teachers say. I wanted to keep things simple this week and leave you with two quotes that really resonated with me, and maybe you’ll find them helpful too. Love you guys as always – thank you for reading!!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

” The most important decision we make, is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” – Albert Einstein.

Blog of the week: Has got to be Thankfifi. Whilst her photos of her recent trip to Greece did make me a little green with envy (so un-yogi of me!) her photos are breathtaking, I am obsessed with MR K her dog, and her style is awesome. Check it out!

Currently listening to: Benny Benassi ‘Cinema’ Remix – seriously love this! Have a listen here. If the Remix is a little much, the original is amazing too:)

Lusting over: The hour glass liquid lipsticks have been gracing a number of beauty blogs lately – I want one please! Check them out here.

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