My week in pictures #21

Hey Guys!! So as you may have guessed I had a bit of an unexpected / expected holiday. The beauty world in my little corner of the web was quite, not a peep from me all week except for constant tweets of my shenanigans from Miami.. OH yeah! My bad.  It’s not that I want to depress you with my pics or anything, hey it’s sunny all over the world right? Yes? I just thought you might be missing me, and like to see a little picture or two? Don’t you worry, I’m leaving tomorrow so I’ll stop bleating on about how incredibly awesome Miami is!!


Next week, I’ll tell you all about it, but until then, as I’m still in holiday mode, I’m just gonna leave you with pics, and no links this week. I am so wild. Monday morning I am back beauty world. You hear me?! Perhaps one last dip in the pool first. Then I’m back. Look out.

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