My week in pictures #22

I have a super awesome feeling that good things are coming. Have you ever had times like that? Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make you feel like things are gooood….like catching your train on time, remembering your umbrella on a rainy day, or realizing that you haven’t been the best person that you can be, and being brave enough to make a change. This is when things get truly amazing.

I watched a you tube video recently by a guy called Louis, from this little channel *ha ha* called ‘Fun for Louis.’ If you haven’t heard of him before, you can check him out here, and watch him ‘draw *his* life’ which is incredible. In one of his videos, heĀ  said he once thought “how can I be the best Louis that I can be” and that truly resonated with me. So this week I’m challenging all of you, myself included to be the best versions of ourselves. Deal?!

OK cool, now go and do something nice for someone else. You’re awesome!

My fellow bloggers, I think you will love this post about blogging and time management, from the lovely VMac and Cheese.

For some beauty lovin’ gone State side you’ll love Anna’s New York beauty Haul. Pens at the ready!

Need some incredible invitations? Look no further than Paperless Post. Such cute, inexpensive ideas. I used these for my save the dates. Lovely.

I also really want to buy a dress from Logue. Yep, hand up, the Middelton effect has got to me too. What can I say? Pippa rocked the Logue dress well.

Lastly I seriously want to make this healthy chocolate. Yep, you read that right health, and chocolate in the same sentence. Oh yeah. Check out the recipe here.

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