My week in pictures #25

It’s drawing closer to the end of my time in London, which is totally mad as I almost feel like I’ve just arrived, but with the weather turning colder and the misty rainy day we had yesterday, I’ll be pretty glad to see some sunshine again! I’ve done so much since I’ve been back home, but when you love a place there’s always so much more you can do, and so much that doesn’t get done, but I guess that’s what keeps life exciting – things don’t always work out as we expect them to, sometimes they end up even better than we could have planned, right when we’re not looking! Highlights this week include meeting both Jonathon Ross and David Walliams – amazing! I can’t promise I wasn’t embarrassing. I also made it up to the Shard for cocktails and THE MOST breathtaking views of the city. If you’re ever in London… go!

I’m a sucker for beautiful writing, and this post by the amazing Elenore, of the ever inspiring EarthSprout blog, is so heart warmingly beautiful. It’s all about the birth of her new born baby boy. I dare you not to be moved!

On the subject of cuteness, Martha Stewart has some incredible ideas about how to make your dog look unbelievably cute this Halloween.  I was sold when I saw the dog in the pumpkin costume! A DORABLE. Not sure my own dogs will be too impressed but they will look darn cute doing it.  Martha also has some amazing pet Halloween safety tips too, that are also well worth checking out.

Thinking more about what you’re going to be wearing this Halloween? Then you need to check out this costume and beauty guide from the Refinery 29.  They will have you looking spooctacular in no time. Sorry, I had too!

Have a super awesome week you guys! 🙂

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