My week in pictures #26

Back in sunny, warm Florida, and right now, the sun feels gooood. The humidity is gone, and we can once again breath… ahhh! I’m so sorry If you’re reading this from some freezing climate (it was starting to get pretty chilly in London when I left) but you know, we suffered all summer with cray cray heat, and now the temperature is just right. Bliss. Jet lag held me back some what last week, but I’ve got lots of fun posts coming up so look out! So excited for my first American Halloween! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend x

This week:

  • I found this blog post by the lovely Emily of Cupcakes on Cashmere, about great interview techniques really interesting! If like me, you’re currently on the job hunt *gulp* this may come in handy! Check out her wise words here. I also love her post about Halloween sweet treats – oh so yummy! Drool over it here!
  • I watched  this great video by Jaclyn Hill, about how to apply false lashes. A must view for all those who find the pesky things just impossible, but impossibly glam. Oh yeah!
  • For all my girls getting married -have a looksy at Kelly Clarkson’s oh so stylish wedding. Love the lace vintage inspired dress.

Have a wonderful week ahead, and a spooctacular Haloween! It had to be done. xxx

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