My week in pictures #27

Hey guys!! I’ve christened November a healthy month. Not that I don’t normally try to be healthy, I do, but this month I wanted to try and be particularly healthy. First off I want to drink more water, the governments recommendation of 3 liters a day is what I’m aiming for… it sounds a lot but split up over the day it’s not too bad. It’s getting darker and colder outside, and with the month of excess quickly approaching us, I think it’s a great time to do little things to be healthy. I’m not talking full on detoxing here, just small things to make ourselves feel good. Even if it’s just going to the movies more, or laughing louder!  Lets all be super fabulous version of ourselves, yes?! Or, at least try and laugh while doing it! Have an amazing week!

This week I…

*Found this post about the 50 best Winter Skin care tips of all time rather interesting. Hands up who wants amazing winter skin throughout winter… me, me, me!

*Seriously dreamed about the incredible Benefit advent calendar that I spotted on Liana’s beauty blog. I need this real bad. Father Christmas… If you’re listening, pretty please bring this to me!

*Put these fabulous ASH boots on to my wish list for Autumn/Winter. The perfect height for pounding the pavements, yet provides a little elevation. What’s not to love!

*Watched the insanely hilarious Kevin Hart’s new comedy show ‘Let me Explain.’ I seriously cried with laughter so many times while watching this. He is too, too funny. If you want to laugh out loud, rent his video here.

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