My Week In Pictures #34

Is it really December 15th? I can’t quite believe we are almost at the end of 2013, and yes every time I say that I feel old. Like, really old. As I watch the rest of America getting engulfed by snow, it does feel a little strange, if not unfair that us folks in the South are still enjoying balmy temperatures. Still, that doesn’t come without it’s disadvantages. For one thing it doesn’t  really feel like Christmas. Hot Chocolate in 80 degree weather? I don’t think so. I grew up in the UK, so Christmas to me is gray, gloomy and cold. That’s what makes fairy lights, Christmas trees and the entire season so magical. Hey ho, life is about adapting, am I right!?  Wherever you are  I wish you a wonderful week, filled with positivity, laughter and good holiday vibes!

This Week:

* I’ve loved checking out the OH so tempting website that is Etsy. The trending gifts are definitely worth a peek if you’re still shopping for Christmas presents. Check it out here!
* For the funniest/possibly very useful Secret Santa present, you need to check out this website. Oh, and watch the advert – it is cray cray – what a gal for doing that commercial!

* I’ve been thinking about what to wear for New Years Eve… if you have no clue either you need to check out the ASOS Christmas Party street style fashion finder. You can steal a look in no time!

* If you can’t bear the idea of wearing heels to that Christmas party, or snow and ice simply won’t allow for them, check out this post from Lucky Magazine about how to rock flats and still look cute. Score.

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