My week in pictures #8

Last week I was totally missing in action, and didn’t post a week in pictures. I had a week, and lots of pictures, so we’ll just have to catch up right now! I’m back in Florida after an amazing time in New York, what a fun, exciting, buzzing city. Besides the food, I LOVED the many speakeasy bars – dating back from the days of prohibition, speakeasy joints had to be a secret, and you were often served your drink in a tea cup. I’ve said too much already:) The best one had to be Beauty & Essex in the Lower East side. Set behind a pawn shop, and serving champagne in the loo’s for the ladies.. (that’s restroom for all my American friends.) What is not to love? Back in Florida I’ve had a a bit of an aerial yoga injury – I’ve been told that pain is fear leaving your body. I ain’t buyin’ it! Other news; I have an exciting project coming up in Miami that I’ll tell you more about when I can, but for now I have a lot of NY lovin’, chihuahua picture taking images for you. Hope you all had the most wonderful week.

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