My wonder product!!!

I feel a bit embarrassed to tell you about my amazing new discovery. You probably all know about this, and I’m like the last one to hear about the party. Sad face.

OK enough wallowing because, now I too am in the know – the best product I have found in a long time is…


I haven’t really dabbled much in the whole, eye primer thing – I normally just put on concealer and hope for the best – until I tried to removeĀ  eyeshadow from a gal’s eyes – and this stuff literally doesn’t budge!

It makes the eyelid so smooooooth, and easy to apply make-up too, plus it seems to intensify any make-up colour, making it look flawless and almost – dare i say – airbrushed!?

There is nothing not to love about this product!

Just apply it with your fingers tips, or a brush before you apply any eyeshadow – your look will not budge – seriously!

If you go into MAC, they also sell a lip and eye primer. Don’t get confused and buy this.

Paint pot in painterly is where it’s at!

Now keep this secret between us – this party is invitation only!:)

 Paint Pot

x x x

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