The Nail Saviours


Why I think I can go anywhere without a full nail kit amazes me. Yet I still do it. Somehow I seem to forget that I have this awful habit of picking the skin around nails, picking at my nails themselves and basically just neglecting them in general- until I go for my monthly mani,and in the mean time, they’re gross. Not a good look girls. Trust me. After about a day or two in London I realised I was fighting a loosing battle, and swiftly went out and bought these nail saviours. They came, they saw and they rescued. I’ll never leave them again!


So first up to battle the dryness and my need to ‘pick’ my cuticles and skin, was the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm. My cuticles really did look just as ‘Sally’ claimed – healthier and softer from the first application. If I used this every day I’m sure I would have the softest cuticles ever! The ‘erasing’ part though is a bit of an overstatement. While it makes your cuticles soft, for me it didn’t totally ‘erase’ the cuticles. I don’t even think that’s possible – but –  if you push them back and then use this, your cuticles will look significantly better.


As a packaging junkie, I loved the swirled green and white colours of this balm! Packed full of white tea & cucumber, this balm helps to moisturise and also exfoliate overgrown cuticles. For me it was deeply moisturising and that’s exactly what my poor, sad digits needed.

I also had to buy some ‘good’ cuticle trimmers. I’ve always opted for a cheaper version, but the cheap person always pays twice – and I’ve since had to buy another pair that actually work. While I kind of resent spending a lot of money on ‘boring’ beauty items like cuticle trimmers, a good pair will last you a really long time and they’ll work more effectively, so in the long run it’s worth it!

Nails have been saved! Now all I need to do is remember to pack these – EVERYWHERE. I. Go!

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  • That cuticle cream is adorable! Reminds me of Christmas cookies 🙂

    • annarach

      I know I love the swirly pattern too! 🙂

  • Alina

    Love Sally Hansen brand!