Nailing it

Nailing it

I will spare you the pictures, but right now my nails are darn right shame worthy, especially for a beauty blogger. I look down upon these fingers typing, and shudder.

I blame the fact that I am currently sans transport, and also have no idea where to get my nails done. So things had to be taken into my own non manicured hands, for a little (much needed) DIY.

Whilst browsing the glorious Sephora I vowed to change my nail ways, and turn things around. I picked up a Tweezerman studio collection – mini nail rescue set, totally appropriate name. I have been meaning to buy something like this for a long time, but when it comes to my nails, I am just a tad lazy. I love this kit though, as its tiny enough to carry around in your handbag, and contains a stainless mini cuticle and hangnail clipper, a stainless mini cuticle pusher, and stainless nail cleaner, plus a mini nail file. The only thing lacking was a tiny bag to keep it all in.

Next up I bought the Strong Nail System that promises to strengthen and moisturize. It contains a strong nail strengthening treatment which locks in moisture to promote nail growth, and a strong nail daily moisturizer which contains Jojoba Oil to condition cuticles, and maintain moisture balance in the nail, to prevent nail brittleness.

Now all I have to do is remember to use it all:)


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