Naked Palette 3 – The Evening Look

naked3It goes without saying that the Naked Palette 3 caused quite the stir. First there were the rumors, then the flirts on instagram *cheeky* then a letter to Santa was written, and boom, I woke up to this beauty on Christmas morning. If you’re a beauty junkie like moi, I’m sure you did the same! Obviously in the world of blogging this palette is kinda old news ( we are a fickle bunch) so I’m sure you already know all the details about how it compares with the other Naked Palettes. If not,  in a nut shell, the Naked Palette 3 has more rose toned colors in it (as opposed to the golds and neutrals), the packaging is practical, yet pretty, with all 12 eye shadows housed in a pink tin (easy to clean) and has a nice mixture of both matte and shimmery shadows. Basically, it’s just as lovely as you would expect!


So, instead of just cooing over how lovely this palette is, I wanted to bring you some looks that I’ve created with this palette. The first one being ‘The Evening Look.’ I’m not overly daring with my normal everyday make-up, so I thought I would do something a little more dramatic, and use the colors in the palette I would normally leave untouched, and yep, that would be the left hand side aka; the dark smokey shadows.

So, I decided to go for a smokey eye, using ‘Darkside’ all over the lid. This color is an amazing almost metallic looking grey/brown. It has some serious wow factor, and looks much more impressive on the eyes, than in the palette. I then followed this by using a little ‘Buzz’ on the brow bone, with ‘Blackheart’ at the outer edges of the eye to create the smokey depth. I also used this color under the lower lashes. I then applied ‘Strange’ underneath the eyebrows, and ‘Dust’ in the inner corner of the eyes. To complete ‘The Evening Look’ I used my new Urban Decay eyeliner pencil  in ‘Deep End’  which is  a stunning turquoise blue, in the lower water line.

Now I bring you a million pictures of my big ol’ face! 

DSC03591 DSC03609 DSC03611 DSC03616 DSC03622

Do you love the Naked Palette 3 as much as I do!?

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  • jasmine

    hi! what lipstick did you use on your lips for the look? i just chanced upon your blog but i have to say i really love your blog as soon as i started reading! also, really love the bold touch to your eyes – the blue liner

    • annarach

      Hi Jasmine! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! The lipstick I used is Revlon Colorburst in 080 – Strawberry Shortcake. I also put a sheer light pink lip gloss on top, but unfortunately the name rubbed off, and I have no idea where I got it! It’s really pale pink though, so I’m sure you could pick up something similar! Thanks again for reading!! 🙂