Nars Goddess VS Benefit High Brow

I’ve noticed lately that I often buy similar products from different brands, but which product would make the cut for a re-purchase? The only sensible thing to do is to put them to the test, in a product to product challenge. It’s on.

First up, we have the chunky, soft touch shadow pencil from Nars in Goddess Champagne, it weighs in at 4g and costs $24. Next to enter the arena is the slender Benefit high brow glow pencil in Champagne pink. This pencil cuts a demure figure weighing in at a modest 2.8g and costs $20.

First point is awarded to the Nars pencil for weighing significantly more, and costing only marginally more. The stakes are high.

The Nars pencil is chunkier, so it’s great for applying all over the eyelid. I like to do this and then layer powder shadow on top to create a different look. The shade has a lot more pink tones in it than the Benefit high brow, making it a better choice for medium toned, to darker skins.

The Benefit pencil is slender, so it’s easier to apply just above the lash line. This shade is lighter and more iridescent, creating the illusion of a more lifted eye than the Nars offering.

Ding, ding. So who’s the winner?

Well, Benefit is definitely more noticeable on the eye and works better as a highlighter, lifting the brow and helping to diminish the look of a hooded eye lid.

The Nars pencil is a lot more subtle, and I feel that it would work better in the summer months when the light is brighter, and skin can be darker.

I would say it’s a draw. They both fight their corners pretty well.

If I had to choose, I would most likely buy the Benefit pencil over the Nars, because it does highlight in a more noticeable way. If you just want a nice cream eye shadow, go with the Nars pencil.


The swatch on the left is the Benefit High Brow Glow pencil, and the swatch on the right is the Nars Goddess Champagne pencil. You can see from this picture how similar these pencils are. It was a tough call.

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