New to the Brow Department


It’s kind of incredible how I’ve done a complete 180 on my brow game. I’ve gone through my fair share of awful brow times (over plucking – I was the Queen) when shockingly I must have thought they looked quite good. There’s nothing like a good ‘throw back Thursday’ picture, to get you exclaiming “what was I thinking?!” I then went through the phase of not touching my brows whilst they grow back, thinking I had to suffer their patchy state in silence –  and more worryingly, without the aid of products. Fast forward to now and I own far too many brow products than I really should admit. When you discover a brand like Anastasia( which we sadly can’t get too easily in the UK) your brow game will change. Rapidly.


1. The first product that I’ve added to my almighty brow collection, is the much loved Dip Brow Pomade in the shade blonde. All you do is use a little angled brush and pop it in the creamy, smudge proof formula, then fill in the patchy bits of your eyebrow, making them thicker if you wish. Great for natural looking brows, once applied, this stuff really doesn’t move, unless you move it. It’s quite incredible. Tried and tested in hot, steamy Florida climes – I can vouch for this 100% for with standing any weather condition out there.

2. Next up is another love of mine from Anastasia. The Highlighting Duo Pencil is fantastic for creating the illusion of a lift underneath the eyebrow itself. The chunky pencil can instantly open up your eyes, helping them to look larger and brighter. I bought the Camille/Sand combo that comes complete with two shades one in Matte Camille and the other in Sand Shimmer, both of which are great for paler skin tones. Warmer skinned ladies can opt for Shell/Lace that’s a bit more golden. I also like to use this in the inner corner of my eyes for a little added brightness. I’m definitely addicted to this product and it’s one of the best eye highlighting pencils out there!


3. Lastly I love the Clear Gel from Blink Brow Bar. Now this is a must have product for anyone with unruly eyebrows. It’s fantastic for keeping them in shape, preventing hairs from looking wild and spares the brows that ‘crunchy’ look. I can’t go a day without a slick of clear brow gel. It also helps to nourish the brows and for ladies who love a one slick wonder – they come in various colours which will help you fill in patchy bits.

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