New to the Hair Care Line Up


Sometimes a gals’ just gotta go old school. Cheap, cheerful and functional. Brands you knew, brand you loved, brand you’ve just got to re-visit. Budget friendly brands. Ah. Before I tell you about the bits that I’ve added to my hair care line up, I just wanted to start by saying that I recently discovered I’ve been washing my hair completely wrong! I discovered this post and I realised I’m doing everything incorrectly. I know what you’re thinking. How can you wash your hair ‘wrong‘ …. unless you’re trying to soap up without water or something?! Just read the post and you’ll know why. It explains a lot as to why my tresses are often an untameable mess – maybe yours too? Frizzy would be an under statement, plus I’ve just had my hair cut super short, so all in all, the struggle is real *wink.* For those days that I actually do wash and attempt to style said locks, I reach for these products to get my hair looking as sleek, frizz free, smooth and soft as possible.


The Shampoo and Conditioner:

I’ve been using Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner as it smells heavenly, is kind to the old purse strings and easy to get your hands on. I like to feel like I’m in the Caribbean, sipping on a Pina Colada when I smell these dreamy products and I love that they also seem to smooth and tame my mane.


After combing my hair with a tangle teezer I use  . . . . 

Frizz Ease Original Six Effect Serum on the ends of my damp hair. I comb it through again and then I reach for my John Frieda  Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster to add a little volume to the roots. A sad effect when you go for straight, is that you can often end up in flat town instead. This product works wonders to add a little subtle lift to your hair at the roots, so your locks won’t be slick to your head. I then get to styling with a round brush, sectioning my hair as I go. I normally reach for the straighteners if I’m going out and really want things sleek. Finally, I smooth any remaining frizzy hair with the Frizz Ease Original Six Effect Serum again.

I’ve found that Frizz Ease Original Six Effect Serum is truly ‘the original’ and best serum for frizzy haired peeps. The powerful blend of silicones helps to seal the hair, helping to make it look smooth and silky. It’s also supposed to help repair damaged ends which is clearly a bonus, plus it also protects from heat styling, which is why I use it before my hair dryer and straighteners.

After all ladies, not everything in your beauty regime can or needs to be ‘high end‘ aka – pricey. Sometimes, cheap and cheerful works wonders. I know it’s working for me!

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