NYX – The Curve Liner Review


I’ve got to admit. I’m no master at the old liner meets flick. Sure I can do a quick pencil action and if it involves a bit of a smudge I’m all for it, but symmetrical, perfect flicks are indeed a bit of an enigma. Unless you’re on Instagram that is. Has anyone seen one in real life? I kid. Anything that helps make this gal master the liquid liner look without having to spend an hour trying to make both sides even, is sure to get my time and money. In to my bag went the NYX curve liner with it’s sleek ergonomic shape.


The shape of the NYX Curve Liner does fit snugly in between the thumb and forefinger which helps to reduce the wobbles. It’s comfortable to hold and has a very fine tip allowing for precision and thin lines. I’m a big fan of liquid liner but I normally lean towards the felt tip variety. The NYX Curve Liner is a bit of a hybrid. Part felt tip this makes applying eyeliner much easier – although the lid can be fiddly to put on, which could end up making this dry out if you’re not careful. It’s a bit tricky to master at first as you wouldn’t normally hold a liner in this manner, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it definitely helps give you a steady hand.



As you can see it creates a solid black line that can be built up for added drama! Ladies who cry – let me warn you. This baby ain’t water proof, so if you’ve got a case of the weepies, don’t make it worse with panda eyes. It’s also not smudge proof so make sure you leave it a minute before you start batting those eyelashes. If you used this liner on someone else I think it would make it incredibly easy to use, on yourself the change isn’t that dramatic, but a steadier hand can only be a good thing and once you’ve mastered liquid liner – there’s no stopping you! 2977adbfd4eef7e882fab9eb6c2991ec54e5dadaf61d4ca970

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