Ode to the Clarasonic

In spite of my constant ravings of the Clarasonic, a friend of mine recently pointed out that I hadn’t done a post on it… someones getting some major brownie points!! This is in fact true.. the reason being, that I wanted to make sure I gave this beauty gadget a serious run for it’s money, before I tell you guys about it. After all, anyone’s who’s pondered buying one of these gizmos will know they ain’t cheap.


Luckily mine was a birthday present, best one I’ve received in a long time, but even if it wasn’t, I would have bought it myself. The Clarasonic is an electric facial cleansing brush, that claims to clean your skin 6 times better than manual cleansing. The company itself says that manual cleansing actually leaves dirt, oil and make-up residue, thus creating dull and unhealthy skin.

The best way I can describe the first time using this, is like going for a really fast run on a cold day, when your skin feels invigorated and tingly. I am a bit of an exfoliating addict so for me, the speedy cleansing  motion of the Clarasonic is ideal. I feel that it definitely does leave your skin feeling very smooth, soft, and radiant, and it’s absolutely helped to combat my dry patches and minimize my large pores. I would actually go as far as to say this has helped my face not look so puffy, even… dare I say…. helping to sculpt it a little more. I have huge squirrel esque cheeks, so for me anything that helps with de-puffing  is a major bonus!


You can also buy different brush heads depending on your skin type. Sensitive, dry, and acne skin suffers rejoice as there’s a brush for you.  I have the Clarasonic that has three speeds, and you can also attach a brush head to use for your body. Do you need the 3 speed spandangly most expensive one?! No. The original Mia would work just as well, and in all honesty I barely use this for my body. It’s not vigorous enough for me, but if you’re a body exfoliating newbie you may like the gentle, subtle body exfoliation.


So there you go, the Clarasonic has the Fluttering Lashes seal of approval, I can’t go a day without using this, but you don’t need the priciest to enjoy this beauty!

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  • beatrice

    im investing, is this the best one, i have seen cheaper on the market? advice please….

  • annarach

    Okay… So…. The main difference between the Clarasonic and the cheaper ones is supposedly the ‘sonic’ element. Sonic= very high oscillation impact ( movement back and forth at a regular speed) also the Clarasonic has 300 movements per second, where as none of the cheaper ones can make these claims. The Clarasonic claims to clean 6 times more, where as other brands just state ” twice as clean as manual cleaning” The brush head on the Clarasonic is also really really soft so kinder to the skin, and it’s not battery operated, you plug it in to charge it. Most cheaper brands are battery operated so you will probably end up spending more money on batteries in the long run, especially as you will probably go through a battery a week.

    Phew! Having said all of that, you seriously don’t need to buy the most expensive one. If I was going to buy again I would get the cheapest one, as I hardly use the other settings or the body brush head! I’ve also heard good things about the Phillips one but it’s about the same money so may aswell get the Clarasonic.

    Ps. I’m not sponsored by Clarasonic! Ha Ha!