Oogy The Third Twin

It’s not often you read a story so heart wrenchingly cruel,¬† yet so moving, beautiful, and triumphant. In a world where we really can be the change that we want to see, I urge you to follow the link below, and read about Oggy the dog, and his unlikely story of survival against all adversity, at the hands of cruel and vicious people. I saw this post originally on Facebook, asking people who had the time to re-blog about make-up and nails, to share a moment with their readers and re-blog the story about Oggy. Done and done!

I am a huge animal lover, and I have always believed that having an animal in your life is a gift and a privilege, not a right. All my followers know they are regularly inundated with photos of my Chihuahuas, so I truly felt compelled to share this story with you. Stories like Oggy’s break my heart, and simultaneously both destroy, and restore my faith in humanity. Whilst there are cruel and senseless people that exist in this world, inflicting pain on animals for their own enjoyment or benefit, there are also¬† incredibly kind, good, loving and caring angels amongst us. Those who are able to see hope, to respect love, and to know that appreciation exists, regardless of what may have come before.

This story is not only impeccably written, but it is filled with so many beautiful, thoughts, words and anecdotes, it will move you to tears. I encourage you to not only read it, but also to share and re-blog this story to show your support for the end of animal cruelty.

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Thank you wonderful readers. Let’s make this world a better place!


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