I am a nail expert!

OK, I’m not I nail expert, just feeling rather pleased with myself having successfully, and rather quickly applied nail art, with the help of nail ease!

Nail ease, is a brand of nail art strips that give you perfect shiny nails, that look like you have spent hours applying different colours, using pens, and what not – basically makes you a nail artist – well not quite but close! I don’t know about you but my patience with nail polish is slim to none. I am too impatient to paint my nails at home, and sit waiting for them to dry. I always think they’re done, potter around and bam.. all my efforts gone with one slick swipe of colour.

This nails wraps are so easy to do. I am rubbish at doing my own nails – in spite of working at several London Fashion Week shows doing models nails. What can I say.. I suppose my gift is only for others!:)

With these wraps you stick them on ( in my case chop a large potion off as I have the shortest nails) file them and voila, you are done! No need to heat, or anything. The pack even comes with a little nail file, buffer and orange stick and enough to do your toes.. really looking forward to polka dot toes. Apparently they last for 10 days as well.. tonight is night one so fingers crossed, they are in it for the long haul.

I will definitely be buying more.. check out the site here: http://www.nailease.co.uk/



This last picture is of Hef my Chihuahua, who was so bored waiting for me to finish he fell asleep. I admit it did take about 45 minutes – I told you I’m not good at doing my nails!

x x x

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