Thow out the Blow Out!

No 17 recently launched a new eyeliner collection so I decided to take a browse.

Blow Out is a jumbo stick eyeliner in the blackest of black colors – and I was not impressed. I was expecting something dainty – OK it’s partly my fault I did intend to pick up a thin eyeliner to create a 60’s flick with – and ended up with it’s chunky sister.

This product is far too thick to line the upper or lower eyelid neatly, and really could only be used for creating a smoky eye look, by applying it all over the lid and then placing powder on top. You would also need to use a brush to blend if you wanted to create a polished smoky eye.

All in all, I just think it’s way too much work.

If you love the smudgy rock chick look – (not polished feline eyes) then you may want to give the jumbo stick a whirl. If you like the more “Audrey Hepburn flick” – the jumbo stick is not up to par.

Sorry 17 x

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