A Face of Gold…..ORO GOLD

Apparently Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt used to sleep in a gold mask, every night when she slept. She was after all the epitome of beauty for her time, and her successive conquests of the worlds most powerful men, made her one of the most notable figures in Ancient History.

So what’s all this history got to do with beauty you may ask? Well if it was good enough for Cleopatra, and used for over 5000 years not only to heal wounds, but to rejuvenate the skin and diminish wrinkles, it is certainly worth a test drive.

Oro Gold is the modernised version of this ‘pure gold’ that Cleopatra herself used to apply to keep her looking glowing and youthful.  I’ll be honest – I bought this product on a whim… on a particularly sunny day in London I would say one could be talked into anything. Anyway – I really didn’t want to like it – it comes with a hefty price tag, and I always feel that even if a product works, if it’s expensive you are hooked and there is no going back.

I was roped into buying the 24k deep peeling mask, and a 24k vitamin C booster facial serum also containing vitamin A. I’m not going to lie – the bill came – I didn’t like it.

Then along came the compliments – I’m not kidding. I’ve never had so many people within a short space of time tell me my skin looks amazing.. to quote one even said ‘you like you’re glowing!’

To put things into perspective, at the time of first trying Oro Gold, I was waking up at 6am, going to an incredibly stressful job, not eating well and a frequent visitor to the pub – enough said.

The deep peeling mask and serum are to be treasured. Like gold they should be used sparingly, once a week. They both smell beautiful and serum leaves your skin incredibly smooth and if I dare say, with a healthy glow. When I bought the product they promised that all my pores would disappear.. I’m not there yet, but I’m the ever eternal optimist!

I did hop off the Oro Gold band wagon for the month of August, as a cosmetic chemist told me vitamin A isn’t good to use in the sun as it can cause pigmentation.

Well, it’s officially gloomy season in London.. let the gold shine on my face!

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