Life So Far as a Mummy

Life So Far as a Mummy

As you can tell from the state of le’blog, being a ‘yummy mummy‘ is hard work – and trust me, as much as I want to be, I’m nowhere near yummy mummy status *wipes off some form of crusted food from top*. How other new mum’s find the time to actually set up and start a new blog whilst on maternity leave is beyond me. Honestly, how do you do it?!

I haven’t blogged much about my experience of being a new mama because…..

1. No freakin time. (The girl did not sleep, like EVER)

2. No time. But, one year in, I’m now making the conscious effort to carve out a little me time and get the blog back on track! 

front view of a baby in her pram with a coffee cup

The ‘yummy mummy’ backstory…

So, what you’re really here for. Life as a newbie mummy has been hectic to say the least. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that I never actually knew how to put into words. I’m not an expert and I’m by no means sailing through the frequently bumpy waters that are motherhood. I wade through at best. I also just assumed; why would you want to listen to little old me, when I really don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I mean, I spent most of my early breastfeeding days glued to my iPhone, Googling stuff about breastfeeding. All I want to know is, what did people did before they had Google. I mean.

Fast forward to a slightly more well slept version of me and I’m proud to say that I’ve officially been a mummy for an entire year!! Not quite a yummy mummy, but a mummy none the less! One year in and these stormy waters are finally starting to feel a little calmer. One year in and I think I’ve finally got my groove on when it comes to new mum life. I expect for others this happened much sooner, but for me it took a while to get used to the change. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mummy but it’s also much, much harder than I ever thought it could be. It’s also much more magical and those warm moments spark feelings of love and awe like nothing else ever could.

woman and her baby looking out at sea

The strangest thing for me about becoming a new mummy was the feeling that you have no time to take stock of what’s happened to you. It’s like you press go and then you litterally don’t have a moment to reflect on the monumental change that life has offered up. There are no days off as a parent. You’re always on call and that responsibility to shape and form a little soul sometimes over whelmed me. Like, for real...I was that girl that read EVERYTHING I could about baby’s brain development. I don’t recommend doing this as I’m fairly sure, I sent myself literally mad!

Then there was the anxiety. The sleepless nights. The worry about what you’re going to do if they have a meltdown on the bus and will you have to get your boob out in public. These things might seem small and oh so ridiculous, but when you’re in the midst of them –  they’re massive and all consuming.

image of a woman and her baby - yummy mummy

Now though, I’m pleased to report that I’ve calmed down a lot. Yummy mummy life is my goal and I hope one day I’ll get there! Until then though, why not follow along on my new Instagram channel where myself and a fellow yummy mummy (for real) pick out the baby brands that we’re crushing on. It’s some serious eye candy!

Tell me I’m not the only one who found the first year hard?!


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