The Perfect Minty Green

The Perfect Minty Green


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect minty green nail polish for some time. It’s a hard task, but someone’s gotta do it! This beauty is called Absolutely Shore by Essie and while it’s not exactly a ‘fall’ or autumn shade, I still love it year round. It’s fresh, it’s pretty and if you’ve still got the remains of a tan hanging in there, this shade will compliment it perfectly. It also look great on toes… I know what you’re thinking.. won’t my toes just look like something funky is going on – and not in a good way?! Well – yes if you pick a weird shade, no if you don’t! As a general rule, a hint of green is ideal or bold and bright. Just stay away from anything with brown undertones.


Absolutely Shore is described as a ‘sea foam‘ shade, but I think that description makes it sound totally gross. Minty Green is much more pretty, I think you would agree.


Essie has always been one of my favourite brands for the range of colours available. But… Essie also has a couple of problems. For me it chips really easily, the brush is very tiny and it can often look streaky. It took me around three coats to get the shade looking solid and bold. So – bottom line is, I love this shade but not the formula or the brush. If someone has a dupe for this in another brand, please let me know! Until then, I’m enjoying my minty green!


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  • Harmony Hagger

    It’s a lovely colour! I actually like the ‘sea foam’ descriptor, makes me think of lovely waves at the beach 🙂

  • Jenn Erin L

    It is the perfect mint green! It looks so gorgeous!

  • Alina

    Love this color!

  • Michelle

    My daughter would love this!