Perfume Lover

I’ve always found that I either own 10 plus perfumes, or none. Do I bathe in it?! You may ask… well almost. I do like to mix it up for different occasions. You obviously have to have a different summer/ winter perfume, then there’s evening and day time perfumes, then there’s buying a perfume because of how great it will look in your bathroom. Okay, I’m shaming myself here – you get it, I like me some perfume.

At this precise moment, I am pretty much at the none stage. So obviously I had to get back on track with my collection, and treat myself to the very lovely Narciso Rodriguez for her. I’ve wanted this perfume for a long time, but always thought it was a little pricey. That’s where the joy of duty free shopping comes in. If you’re ever at the airport I thoroughly recommend you give this perfume a spritz. I paid around £56 for 100ml, as opposed to £70 on the high street.

This fragrance is warm and feminine, with tones of radiant amber, honey flower and tactile wood.  The vanilla and orange blossom notes in this perfume, create a light yet sultry aroma. Perfect for both summer, winter, night and day . This perfume is going to take permanent residence in my bathroom.


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