The Rise of the Pet Influencer

The Rise of the Pet Influencer


So you work really hard at all your selfies, perfecting the perfect pout, optimising the lighting and re-taking until you forgot what you look like without a filter… only to realise that Mark Zuckerburg’s pet ‘Beast’ has about 2 million more followers than you do. This friends is called the rise of the Pet Influencer. Those adorable creatures who that melt your heart and those very same adorable creatures who have some serious social kudos. I’m no stranger to following a fair few pets on Instagram…. after all, can anything really brighten your day like a tiny French Bull Dog puppy? Don’t even get me started on Tuna Melts my Heart or Little Bub….They’re just too dreamy for words.
pet Influencer
I have what I like to think of as two of the worlds most gorgeous creatures and I propose that they too should become pet influencers! They’re fluffy, they’re sweet and they love a good photo session. Blissy is so squidgy it’s like she has no bones and Hef is the most loyal little soul around. They’re just screaming for a book deal. Or a clothing line at least.


Pet influencer

I’m sure you also have some seriously cute furry friends, so why not nominate them to be the next pet influencer! Just take a picture, pop it on Instagram and use the #buzzmypets. I know that Bliss and Hef would love to be doggy celebrities, just as soon as I get them their own social media account.



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