Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster


Just because you may not be catching some rays on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you can’t rock an awesome glow. Thanks to the wonders of sunless tanning we can look like bronzed goddesses year round. All it takes is a swirl of bronzer and you’ll look fresh faced and sun kissed in a flash. I love a great bronzer and I really feel like this is one beauty item, you don’t need to spend a fortune on. My latest love? The Physicians Formula Bronzer Booster BB of course!


This Physicians Formula Bronzer is a beautiful colour that’s not shimmery or orangery at all. The best part is, it’s SPF 20  which I love for sunny Florida days.Having said that I wouldn’t rely solely on this for sun protection.

One swirl of the bronzer over the your cheekbones, the temples of your face and across your nose ( where the sun would normally hit) leaves you with a warm,  tanned, matte glow. This blends in wonderfully and is extremely easy to use.


The only thing that bothers me about this product is the ‘BB’ label that’s been slapped on it. Call me a cynic but I just feel like brands are trying to monetise the wave of  the ‘BB’ and are applying it to everything and anything, when  it probably can’t be substantiated. Still, I didn’t buy this for the ‘beauty balm’ benefits. I just wanted a great new bronzer that would still give me change for $20. This my friends is it!


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