Prime Time


In an effort to make my make-up as flawless as possible, primers have entered my life in a big way.  To be perfectly honest though, primers are one of those make-up steps that can just seem like a bit of a faf – perhaps a step too far in the ol’ make-up application routine, and I get it, I really do. For mornings when you just gotta hit the snooze button you can skip the primer, but for days when you want your make-up to have the added wow factor, or even cling on to your skin for a little longer – whip out a primer. You’ll love the results.

So first off, you use primers on a clean face, after moisturizer, and before any other make-up. So, now you’ve got the time… what primer do you choose and why!?  Here are a couple of primers I’m loving right now…primers2

For the eyes: I love  Mac’s paint pot in painterly.  A lovely, smooth cream pot, that when applied lightly doesn’t crease, will even out the skin tone on your eye lids, make your eyeshadow more intense, and last longer. I basically apply this every day, rush or not, and what’s really great is that you can wear this alone and it looks lovely. I also love Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Potion. This is less of a make-up, and more of a light cream/ gel formula that you apply to your eyelids, and lightly smooth over. This doesn’t necessarily even out the tone of your eyelids, but it keeps eyeshadow put like no other.

For the face: Depending on your skin type, and the ‘issue’ you have with it, there is a primer that will suit you. Clinique super primers have been all the rage lately, and there are  6 different primers in their range that will color correct and illuminate. I’m still loving Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch, for it’s ability to smooth out pores and fine lines, making your foundation glide on seamlessly. When I’m suffering from a case of ‘red face’ namely from being sunburnt – not good –  I reach for Smashbox’s photo finish color correcting primer. It has an unsettling green color to it,  but it will neutralize redness, and you won’t end up looking like Shrek. Promise. Then there’s the Laura Mercier primer offering, an oldie but a goody – designed to be used as a buffer to block outside elements, and leave make-up looking fresh.

Top Tip!! Primers are often thought to keep make-up on all day, but unless you powder over your foundation, the silicone in the primer and the water found in the foundation can react with each other, and basically just make your make-up slide off.  Not ideal. So… always powder your skin after using a primer and foundation!!

Primers are reserved for your moments of prime time  in my opinion, days that you want to look gooood, and you have a little longer to spend applying said slap.

What’s your view on primers? To apply or not to apply? That is the question!

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