Products in my hand bag….

Cara Delevingne, one of the newest Victoria secret models recently said that she never leaves home without MAC eyebrow gel, Chanel mascara, lip balm, and a pack of tissues.

I have to admit, I have downsized the products I won’t leave home without. When I was a teenager, I used to haul around a huge bag stuffed with every make up essential you could possibly need. Then one day, my brand new MAC pressed powder fell out of my bag and onto the train tracks. It was a sad day. Products that go into my hand bag now, are definitely limited. Let’s call it damage control.

Even with this lesson learnt, if I take out a product I love, I seem to loose it somewhere- don’t ask me how. It’s like i get home and it’s vanished, or maybe all my products are plotting their escape and as soon as I leave the house they make a run for it!
These days I  normally have a bag stuffed with lip glosses, lip balms, and lipsticks. I do think like blusher, your lips really bring some colour to your face. For some reason I don’t seem to loose these, and it’s always quite a treat to discover a lipstick you forgot about in a bag you haven’t used in a while.

I do like the mascara, and MAC eyebrow gel idea though – and I have to say any girl who can look like this after eating McDonald’s and pizza the night before the Victoria Secret runway show, is a girl to look up to!

Cara Delevingne
These are the make-up products that currently made the cut for my handbag:

All the products are from Cosmetics a la Carte.

The lip glosses are: Vanilla and Candy.

The lipsticks are: Marshmallow and Chic

Do you have any products you wouldn’t leave home without?

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