Radiant Orchid -The Color of The Year



If you had no idea that 2014 was all about the harmony of fuchsia, purple, and the pink undertones of the ever so alluring Radiant Orchid…. where have you been? I’m totally kidding of course. I’ve only recently learned that every year is assigned a specific color by the authority on color Pantone. Who knew?! Pantone is basically the world renowned authority on the accurate communication of color, and for people like me, (who often sees baby blue as grey) that’s probably a good thing! Being inspired by the ever so inciting description of this years color, I wanted to show you a few ways you could wear purple and pink colors, and be bang on trend for 2014. Oh yeah. DSC03713

On your Nails! This is obviously the easiest way to wear bright colors, as it’s veer’s on the ‘safe’ side of being experimental, not to mention everyone’s toes love a pop of something bright. I’m rediscovering my love for OPI nail polishes. The thick easy to handle brush, and the wonderful array of colors make these polishes lust worthy. I’m sporting the beautiful Dim Sum Plum in the above picture, which is a beautiful blend of fuchsia and purple perfection.


On your Lips! Arguably the most daring way to wear a bright color is on your lips, so make sure you check out How to Master the Bold Lip, for top tips on lippy precision. Keep the rest of your make up neutral, and leave this one for when you’re out and about for drinks. Sadly food and bold lip colors rarely mix. I love wearing bold lip colors, but it can be a bit intimidating, so start of with a sheer version of a bright color such as a gloss, and work your way up to a highly pigmented lipstick. I’m wearing a lipstick from MAC called Girl About Town.


On your Eyes!My favorite way to wear color on my eyes, is to apply a wash just under the lower lash line, or a little on the outer edges of the top lashes. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it gives your make-up look a kick up the bottom when it comes to the boredom factor. Dull, everyday make-up routine be gone! In this picture I applied a little of MAC’s parfait amour, and smudged it gently with my finger to create a softer look.

What do you think of the color of the year?

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