Real Techniques Brushes

It’s official.. I am in love.

Real Techniques brushes had me at 100% cruelty free. Then… once on the face.. well there’s no going back. These brushes were designed with  make-up artist Samantha Chapman of pixiwoo. If you haven’t seen any of her videos on you tube, I seriously recommend them.. there’s always more to learn!

Having been a bit of a Bobbi Brown and Mac brush fan, I didn’t really shop around much until I started to think about how brushes are made, and what they’re made of. After reading about these brushes, then seeing them in Boots, I decided to give them a whirl and bought the ‘Core Collection’ brush set, which consists of four brushes.

These were the:

  1. The Detailer Brush to conceal problem areas, or can also be used as a lip brush
  2. The Pointed Foundation Brush which is amazing to apply liquid foundation with
  3. The Buffing Brush designed for the application of powder or mineral foundation
  4. The Contour Brush which is wonderful for applying highlighter, or to contour the face

The set also includes a travel case to store all your lovely brushes in. Now, if you can be a little bit lazy like me, and apply foundation with your fingers *cough* then you may not want to get on to the brush band wagon. Listen close, I bought that band wagon ticket, and my make-up looks flawless and polished as a result. I still apply my foundation with my fingers if I’m in a real hurry ( don’t tell) but you really can’t beat that perfect high definition look that brushes give you.  Just remember to wash your brushes at least once per week so that your make-up glides on, and your brushes stay bacteria free.

Real Techniques brushes are also super soft. I have never used a softer brush on my face. Fact. If like me, you like to know what your brushes are made of, you will be pleased to know that Real Technique brushes are made of Taklon; a synthetic fiber, which makes these brushes 100% cruelty free and animal friendly.

The Real Techniques Core Collection brushes cost £21.99 from Boots. A real bargain if you think that you may pay that for one brush from Mac. They have lots of other sets, or you can just buy the odd individual one if you prefer. I am definitely going to try to replace my entire collection with theses brushes. Look out Boots, I’m ready to shop!


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  • Holly Stevens

    LOVE this Bans. so getting it this week 🙂 xxxx

    • Thanks Brols!! They are the most AMAZING brushes!! you will love! x x x

  • Oooh now I don’t really NEED any new brushes but I do feel like I need to get my hands on these to at least try them out 🙂 Thanks!