REN: The Fab 4

Since moving to America, I’ve used up all of my much loved Liz Earle products, which created quite the void in my life. Welcome in REN, my new skin care love, and bathroom resident.

Whilst I love trying new products, I don’t love buying something full size, with a hefty price tag to boot, only to have it be a bit blah. My new favorite?

Buying mini versions of course! Not only are they adorably cute and make you feel like a giant, they are also the perfect way to try a variety of products before you hand over the plastic. Score.

If you see this little collection when you’re browsing Space NK or Sephora, give them a whirl as I’m sure you’ll find at least one product you love. My personal favorite in The Fab 4 collection is the Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask. It is amazing, and I really need to fork out for the full sized version.

The Fab 4 also contains;
Micro Polish Cleanser
Bio Retinoid Anit-aging concerntrate
Hydra-calm protection day cream
Plus some bonus items, which are;
Bonus muslin cloth
Bonus No 1 Purity Cleaning balm

I loved the Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate, which leaves your skin smooth, bright and evenly toned. The product has an oil consistency which is wonderfully luxurious to use at night. Don’t use this right before you go to work ladies, as you’ll look a tad greasy and scare your co-workers. Sleepy time is what this gem is saved for. The Hydra Calm Global Protection Day Cream is also amazing, and makes your skin incredibly soft, whilst soothing and protecting.

I paid $35 for the mini set, which I think is good value as full size versions of most REN products are around $30 plus, how adorable will these look in your bathroom!


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