The REN Moisturiser

The REN Moisturiser

Ren Moisturiser

There has to be a healthy balance when it comes to skincare. I don’t think it’s a great idea to have your entire skincare regime be made up of budget buys, but neither do I think it’s necessary to only slap on the most high-end products. Not only would that be crazy pricey, I don’t think  it’s an absolute must. There is a  brand that I am rather partial to though, and every time I move away from them I’m always drawn back in. Not that that’s a bad thing – REN is a totally awesome brand and I always enjoy every product I purchase from them. If only those darn products didn’t keep on running out (and if my bank wouldn’t cut me off) –  I’m sure I would purchase the full range! So sad products have to come to an end!

I digress. I wanted to tell you about my new favourite moisturiser – REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream. It’s where it’s at!  This was formerly known as Moisture Recharge Comfort-Plus Day Cream but for some reason it had a little bit of an identity crisis and decided to change its name! It’s a little on the pricey side at $55, but I do think that it’s worth it as it’s so soothing for dry skin. Also I feel like when I buy anything from REN I know I’m buying top quality ingredients that are free from all the nasty culprits we’re encouraged to avoid.

This moisturiser provides long-lasting hydration, it soothes the skin, it makes it feel plumper  and softer, and for me my skin appears less red and blotchy. This cream is specifically formulated with a moisture replenishing complex to leave dry skin soothed, comfortable, optimally hydrated and looking beautifully healthy. The best part is, it protects your skin against free radicals which help to combat the signs of premature ageing, which is always a bonus!

I’m loving this cream and it’s firmly on my re-buy list. Now if only I can find a worthy ‘budget buy’ competitor. I’d be a happy lady. Still, I think it’s OK to splash out a little bit sometimes!

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