Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss


I used to be the Queen of lip glosses. Never would I ever, leave the house without at least two stashed away in my bag. I don’t really know when this habit declined. It was a steady dwindling I suppose, and I don’t really think I lost my love for them, I think I just used them all up / lost them, and didn’t re-buy. Sad times.  Now, Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses have come to the rescue, to repopulate my lip gloss-less world.

When I used to work in a make-up shop, I swear; every single person who I would put lip gloss on, would instantly look more glamorous, their lips fuller, and the rest of their make-up would come to life. Like I mentioned, I was the official lip gloss pusher, but I can acknowledge they have a downside. Hair meets wind, meets lip gloss, is never an attractive moment, and having to prize away a mouthful of your locks every time a gust of wind comes along, isn’t ideal. Here’s where the lip gloss formulation plays a key role. Grab a pen. Too sticky  – hello mustache mouth – not sticky enough; well that will just slide right off. Revlon colorburst lip glosses are the perfect happy lip gloss medium – not too sticky, not too sheer. Ah. Revlona

Revlon glosses are sheer in color; even the brighter colors need about two applications to get a really vibrant pop of color, but they feel very hydrating with just a hint of glitter. The packaging of these glosses are perfect, with a high end feel, similar to many of their pricier counter parts.  I love the shades that I bought – Pink Ice, for a subtle nude shine, perfect combined with smokey eyes, or a day time look – this photographs a lot darker than it actually is, it’s really a pretty shiny pale pink. Strawberry Fraise – for a lovely pinky coral shade, that’s perfect for a summery vibe, to make the most of what’s left of that tan.revlonc

My lip gloss situation is officially on the mend, and I can feel pink ice, and strawberry won’t be alone for too long. Glossy lips I love you once again.

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