Revlon Nail Art – Moon Candy Orbit

I am a huge fan of nail art. Sadly my nails don’t really allow for it, but I give it a go anyways. These aren’t the most wonderful pictures of nails you will ever see, but I hope they at least do this little Revlon beauty justice.

Now all US dwellers… you lucky ducks have an amazing array of nail polishes to choose from. When I set foot in CVS and clasped eyes on the bountiful offerings, well… I got a little flustered lets put it that way. A purchase was made, and the polish to make the cut was *drum roll* Revlon Nail Art, Moon Candy in shade 280 Orbit. Only one you say? I know, I am trying to be good, but obviously I won’t keep this polish lonesome for long. Look out CVS, I’ve discovered you, and I’m coming back for more.

My lovely UK readers, sadly I don’t think we have this yet. In reality our choices are pretty teeny tiny compared to what you can get in the US. So, next time you’re state side stock up!

I love the shade of this polish, and the glitter coating has a lovely lilac blue, iridescent quality. In the advertisement they use the glitter only on the tips of the nails, but this didn’t really work when I tried it, so I just painted the glitter over the entire nail instead. I don’t know if I had longer nails whether it would have worked or not. Possibly, but I feel like loose glitter would probably work better to achieve this effect.

As you all know my nails are bad, but they are looking a lot prettier with a dash of orbit glitter!


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  • Oooooh, I like this! I wonder how many decades it will take before it comes to Australia? Lol

    • ha ha, I know! I couldn’t believe how much choice there is in the US!