Revlon Parfumerie – Apricot Nectar


I think you’d agree that the new Parfumerie nail polishes from Revlon are rather fancy looking. I could imagine these perched on some gorgeous dressing table, in some fabulous apartment overlooking the roof tops of Paris. I can almost hear the oh la la!  These little bottles are adorable, the square glass and cute round top make the packaging look far more luxe than the brand would suggest, but sadly I don’t think this new range has a very nice choice of colours.

The colour choices of this range are all quite dull and a little bit boring, but I suppose this is  coherent with the retro vibe that the polishes are trying to convey. I’m not sure, but I personally think I picked up the only pretty shade, which is Apricot Nectar. A beautiful coral shade, that’s perfect for spring. Not too bright, not too dark, and feeds my coral addiction perfectly!


The brush is the perfect shape and size and makes painting this onto your digits almost, dare I say it… effortless! The interesting thing about that these polishes  is that they’re  actually scented, hence the name Revlon Parfumerie. It’s a nice floral smell which is a bit nicer than the normal toxic type scent nail polishes usually have, but I really don’t get why you would want or need a scented polish, and I’m just guessing here, but I doubt inhaling polish of any kind, scented or not is a good idea!DSC04055

Still, the bottle alone clearly won me over, and I’m hoping more prettier colours will follow. I used two coats followed by one coat of Seche Vite ( which masked the floral smell somewhat – defeating the point of this polish!) but you only need one coat of this, as the colour is highly pigmented and has a glossy finish.

Have you tried scented nail polish? If so, what did you think?

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