The Sacred Truth

The Sacred Truth

It’s worth mentioning that you can never look good in an icky green coloured face mask – but you know sometimes, you have to look pretty damn horrendous, before you look great! When a face mask is this fresh and also a culmination of a power house of ingredients, it’s worth looking terrible for. Say hello to The Sacred Truth,‘ one of Lush’s fresh face masks.  Lush is a brand that uses totally fresh and natural ingredients, and they don’t test on animals which is always a huge thumbs up in my book! I’ve been to the factory myself and it’s like a huge Santa’s workshop, only for incredible beauty products! The stuff of dreams people, the stuff of beauty dreams….  The Sacred Truth

You have to keep the Lush face masks refrigerated as you would with yoghurt, to keep them as fresh as possible. Sacred Truth also feels lovely and cold when you apply it to your skin, which makes if perfect for puffy faces! Hello hangover.. It’s easy to smooth on and one smalls pot goes a long way.

The Sacred Truth

Packed full of Shea butter, honey and eggs, ‘The Sacred Truth’ is thoroughly moisturising, while the papaya, wheat grass and green tea help to restore the skin and make it look brighter.  It’s not necessarily for anti-ageing, but it does target dull and sallow complexions which will make you look more youthful! I loved how soft and toned my skin felt after using this product and the calm glowing finish that it gave to my skin. At only $6.95 this is an affordable way to pamper yourself and feel a little luxury! I think my favourite mask from Lush is still Ayesha, but this is great to use to maintain your skin and keep it look beautiful…..the only thing that’s not so great is that it only lasts about 2 weeks, but that’s also a testament to how fresh the mask is!

The Sacred Truth

PS. My Chihuahua Heff totally thought I had food all over my face and proceeded to help mama by trying to lick it off! You have been warned!

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  • This looks so lovely! I am a devoted fan of the Love Lettuce mask, you should try that one too!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a
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  • I love face masks and didn’t know Lush was so affordable!

  • Alina

    Love LUSH and love face masks! I try to take time for myself once every two weeks to do this.

  • Michelle

    Wow, you can even rock a mask!