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Who says it doesn’t pay to drop the cash at Sephora? Fine, it doesn’t pay I’ll admit it, but….. when you’re rewarded for some *ahem* generous distribution of your hard earned pennies, that makes spending justified right?¬† As a Sephora Beauty Insider; (someone who gets lots of emails about beauty shenanigans, and generally likes to frequent the store a lot, buying products along the way) you collect points, and points get prizes. I like this.

I’m also a hard core point collector, as in, once I got em’ I don’t like to part with ’em. Sure, there were free mascara’s here and there, and a couple of other things that caught my eye, but I wanted to hold out until something really good came along. Welcome, Laura Mercier Flawless classics collection. The set is made up of 5 of the bestsellers and more importantly Laura’s favorites. They are all in dinky travel size, making the perfect try before you buy option. DSC02638 DSC02639 DSC02640

Included in the set I got:

Face Polish: to gently cleanse and exfoliate

 Foundation Primer: to create the perfect flawless canvas for make-up

Tinted Moisturizer: with SPF 20 in nude to flawlessly cover with a hint of color. This is very light, and not for those who like coverage.

Invisible Loose Setting Powder: to set make-up – beware though this is not invisible and can leave you skin with a white-ish tinge should you apply it with a heavy hand. Definitely for the paler skin tones.

Lip Gloss: in Rose which leaves lips shiny and moisturized. This is lovely – not too sticky with a perfect of rosy hue.

Fan Brush: which is so cute due to it’s mini size. Not the best brush as it can flick powder everywhere, but still handy enough to warrant¬† a place in your hand bag for mid day touch ups.


The hoarder in me is still kind of sad that I’m now down to zero points again, but I’m still very pleased with the mini set I choose. I’m clearly going to have to hot foot it down to Sephora and start collecting again! Ah… somebody stop me!!

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