The Shoreditch Vape

The Shoreditch Vape

Shivering outside on a freezing cold December evening so that Mr FL could puff on a cigarette was definitely not one of the highlights in our relationship. The addiction lured him out into arctic temperatures and kept him coming back for more. Addiction is a powerful thing and those 8cm dictators (aka. cigarettes) will drag you down and get the better of you, all whilst making you smell pretty awful and being incredibly bad for you. More often than not us non-smokers are also dragged down right there with them – forced to stand in the rain or dutifully seek out an appropriate smoking area in every destination. Anyone who’s ever been out with a smoker, or been the only non-smoker in a group of friends will feel my pain. Thankfully though a saviour came to the rescue and that saviour was an E-cigarette.Shoreditch Vape

As someone who’s always been health conscious, I couldn’t have been happier when Mr FL decided to pack in the cigs and go electronic. No more smoke dictated nights, no more waking up to smoke filled hair and as a beauty blogger – no more passive smoking, which we all know destroys your health, as well as being incredibly aging! Thankfully even doctors are jumping on board and hailing the benefits of the E-cigarrettes’ as a great way to quit smoking.

Shoreditch vape Shoreditch E-Cigarette

Now Mr FL is a man of research and when he decided to quit, he meant it. He finally made the jump to e-cigs and let me tell you, the amount of You Tube video reviews he watched was unreal! So, when he was asked to put the Shoreditch Vape kit to the test, he didn’t take it lightly.


The kit itself contains a rechargeable battery that screws onto a tank, which you can fill with your favourite liquid that contains nicotine. When you press the button on the battery of the ‘pen,’ the liquid is heated and it then turns in to a vapour. So, good news for smokers is that you’ll still be getting a nicotine hit without all the other crazy chemicals that come with regular cigarettes. Simply charge the battery via the mini USB and you’re away! The liquids are available in 3 different strengths and split into 3 categories including tobacco, sweets and fruit. The lime flavour was Mr FL’s liquid of choice, but you’ll get to sample 3x 10ml bottles of the vape liquid when you enter the special code: ANNAK5845

Top pro’s of the Shoreditch Vape

•At just £19.99 for The Shoreditch One Vape Kit  this is one E-cig that’s excellent value for money.

•Attractive sleek design

•Easy to use and fill

•The slimline size is great

•You can also adjust the voltage which means you can make it stronger or weaker as you wish

• 21 different flavours available

•Shoreditch Vape can deliver you e-liquids on a monthly basis

All in all, if you’re trying to quit smoking and save a bit of money at the same time, the Shoreditch Vape pen is a great choice. Mr FL thoroughly approves and so does my smoke-free hair!




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