Sinful Nail Polish


This is my first foray in to the world of Sinful Colors nail polish – the price of course it was what drew me in. It’s darn right cheap. I’m talking less than a Starbucks frap during happy hour.. well almost! On top of that, the range of color is quite seducing. I’m actually surprised that I only picked up one – I blame my fear of getting¬† left behind in Target ( long story!) This beauty of a nail polish is called Why Not, and I love the stunning beautiful blue shade. It reminds me of the color of the ocean in the Maldives – un-freakin believable! ¬†

So the good news is, it really does apply as vibrantly as it looks in the bottle, but it is extremely runny. Don’t get carried away and think you don’t have to drip off the excess on the bottle before you apply this to your nails. You do. Also ( as I found out the hard way) if you need to remove this to fix mistakes etc, it will literally leave your fingers Smurf blue. For a while. It’s not pretty. If unlike me, you’re actually good at painting your nails, this won’t be a problem for you- just a little warning for the other not so capable nail painting gals out there!


Sadly it chipped pretty much the day after I applied this. Still, for fun digits on a night out, I love the range of colors from this brand, and the price is pretty much unbeatable! I would buy more of these nail polishes, but I’d know, they’re not in it for the long haul.

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  • Terri Shaw

    I love the color! Thank you for your review.

  • Shannon

    This is a really pretty color. Sad it doesn’t last. Bummer.