Skin care first!

As a teenager I hated my skin. It was bad, spotty, greasy and make-up free. I had no idea what to put on, or how to put on foundation, or simply how to get better skin. My mum always used to say ” once you start waring make-up you can’t stop!” and now I say “who wants to stop?!”

Now I am a thorough believer in holistic beauty; in the words of Holly Golightly, ” I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls,” and you really do have to be happy (and kind!) to be beautiful. No one likes a mean happy girl.

Growing up I was not happy. My skin was terrible. I tried every lotion and potion, until thankfully I went to an amazing dermatologist who transformed my skin (and life!) Now anyone who has struggled with bad skin will know how terrible it can make you feel, and how much it can drain your confidence. My advice is definitely see a dermatologist, as make-up alone won’t make you feel better, and at the end of the day always take it off, no matter how ‘tired / drunk!’ you might be.

If you prepare your skin before you put on your make-up it will look amazing.

I love using Liz Earl products for my skin care routine. I use the hot cloth cleansing cream- if you haven’t used this product before I will tell you; it comes with a white muslin cloth – make sure you tell everyone you live with that this is for your face and not a cleaning cloth / body cloth ( as I unpleasantly discovered it had been used as, when I returned to my flat after letting friends stay there!! like totally gross!)

I also use the skin tonic and then the superskin moisturiser which is lovely and contains rosehip oil as well as natural vitamin E to smooth and plump the skin. I also use an eye cream but I am yet to find one I love so I do play around in this department. Before my Wedding I also had a Liz Earl facial – unbelievable!
Today skin – tomorrow the world! Or foundation – we’ll see.

My trusty Liz Earl trio!

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  1. 12 November, 2012 / 3:39 pm

    I’m thinking of doing a skincare blogpost. I have been trying out some new products this last month and they are totally clearing up my skin it’s the first time I’ve actually perfected my skincare routine …

  2. 12 November, 2012 / 8:11 pm

    Definitely do a post I would be very interested to read it – especially if you have any recommendations for dry skin….

  3. Holly Stevens
    8 January, 2013 / 5:23 am


    • 8 January, 2013 / 8:10 pm

      Me too!! X X x x x